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Economical Technology
of Measurement


Product overview

Variable Area Flowmeter /- switch FB
All Metal Variable Area Flowswitch FW
All Metal Variable Area Flowmeter FC
Variable Area Flowmeter and /-switch FG
Variable Area Flowmeter / -switch FS
Viscosity Independent Flowmeter /- switch FV
Viscosity Independent Flowmeter /- monitor FT
Variable Area Flowmeter FD
Low Flow Variable Area Flowmeter FA
Plastic Flowmeter FK
Plastic Flowmeter FM
Polysulfone Paddle Flowswitch FN
Paddle Type Flowswitch FE
Paddle Type Flowswitch FP
Rotating Vane Flowmeter FL
Rotating Vane Flowmeter FH
Oval Gear Wheel Flowmeter FZ
Calorimetric Flowmonitors, compact DK
Calorimetric Flow Monitor DC
Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter FU
Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter/-monitor DM
Rotor Flow Indicator FR
Rotating Vane Flow Indicator FF
Flow Indicator with Ball FI
Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges Standard PM11 / PM 15
Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges Standard PM61 / PM 65
All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges PM12 / PM 17
All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges PM62 / PM 67
Diaphragm Pressure Gauges PB
Digital Pressure Gauge PD
Electronic miniature pressure switch PL
Electronic pressure switch with LED indication PC
Pressure Switch for General Use PF-5
Pressure Switch with st. st. Sensor System PF-8
Vacuum Switche PF-6
Differential Pressure Switch PF-7
Pressure Sensors for OEM applications PS
Pressure Sensors for Standard Applications PK
High precision pressure sensor PP
Float Level Switch LA
Level Switch LN
Mini Level Switch LR
Level Switch LS
Bypass Level Switch LB
Conductive Level Switch LK
Optical Level Sensor LP
Bypass Level Indicator LM
Deep-Well Probe LH
Temperature Switch TW
Insertion Temperature Sensors with Transmitters TK
Temperature sensor with mounting assembly to DIN TB
Stem Thermometer TZS
Capillary Thermometer TZF
Valves AN
Magnet Filter, Y-Strainer, Swing Check Valves AF
Plug-On Display AA